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  • Ignited 10% brand growth at point of sale by optimising assortment & store placement
  • Discovered 6 new €20m+ product and service opportunities
  • Sparked 10 share points in just 18 months for a leading European grocery brand
  • Unlocked 15% more profit in a drinks portfolio through differential line pricing
  • Tapped into a €100m annual revenue opportunity in automotive after sales market
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A little about us

INSIDE EDGE is a research & consulting firm that specialises in developing and turning market insight into profitable advantage. We are dedicated to helping clients drive preference at the three key moments of truth: purchase, use and awareness.

Centred on understanding the needs, drivers and barriers of market demand and how to tap into this profitably, our work has helped our clients across a diverse range of industry sectors achieve substantially improved results.

We come at this with a fresh approach: one that blends the analytical discipline of a smart management consultancy with the technical excellence of market research and the creativity of an innovation agency. If you want strategic analysis & critical thinking, breakthrough market insight and internal engagement to inspire and align mindsets, click here to find out how we can help you.

There’s a real focus on doing the right things, bringing a fresh perspective to a problem and delivering output that is inspirational ...... transformational thought leadership.

John Humpish, Chief Marketing Officer, Zurich Financial Services