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  • Ignited 10% brand growth at point of sale by optimising assortment & store placement
  • Discovered 6 new €20m+ product and service opportunities
  • Sparked 10 share points in just 18 months for a leading European grocery brand
  • Unlocked 15% more profit in a drinks portfolio through differential line pricing
  • Tapped into a €100m annual revenue opportunity in automotive after sales market
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A little about us

INSIDE EDGE works primarily with commercial leaders and their teams in multinational companies operating in hyper-competitive consumer markets.

If you are like most enterprising commercial leaders, you will recognise how difficult it can be to meet challenging growth targets in times of rapid change and global competition because you know this depends on consistently raising the game in your business and in your markets.

However, commercial teams can all too easily exist in a state of active inertia. Where everyone is busy pursuing ideas and improvements that might be better than what they were doing before, but nevertheless, can still struggle to win in crowded markets. Because people are not thinking strategically about what it takes to compete effectively, and so decisions and actions fail to attract consumers and build a loyal following. As consumers always have a choice.


Insight-led strategic capabilities – learning how to think strategically about how to compete effectively by anticipating consumer behaviour so as to do the right things to impact market behaviour - is helping many businesses win in their markets, whilst also establishing a culture of consistent game-raising excellence.

From working with hundreds of business leaders and commercial teams across the world, we saw that building better strategic capabilities requires addressing one or more of the following six challenges:

1. Get people excited about raising the game and kick-start new initiatives to drive better market results

2. Improve the current game to increase consumer pull and build a Brand-of-Choice

3. Take over the playing field by growing retail penetration

4. Extend the playing field by building a profitable portfolio of products and services that is fully aligned with what consumers want

5. Play a new game profitably by successfully exploiting new opportunities

6. Gain buy-in to the new game by developing the thought leadership that wins hearts and minds in business relationships

We have a suite of insight-led capability development programmes for helping commercial teams to overcome each of these six specific challenges. In a way that brings consumer understanding, strategic marketing intelligence and decision-making models and frameworks to empower people to judge, to decide, to justify and to act strategically. Companies who have introduced these programmes have enjoyed measurable gains in market share, customer numbers and top line revenues. (Click here to find out more about our Insight-Led Capability Development Programmes) 

INSIDE EDGE has been working with commercial leaders and their teams for over 30 years. Our experience spans across 32 countries and more than 20 product categories with a demonstrable track record of results. This includes extensive time as clients ourselves which has honed our instincts about how best to address commercial issues and the right things to do to make good things happen. (Click here to find out more about What People Say About Us)

Please browse this web site for detailed information on how your business can gain the capability to think strategically about how to win in its markets, and the various ways you can do this. And make sure you get our free report, “The 3 Essential Powers To Raise The Game”

Click here to find out more about our Insight-Led Capability Development Programmes

You stimulated our thinking, and I believe have discovered something which could impact the overall category.

Denise Dewar, Commercial Director, GlaxoSmithKline

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There’s a real focus on doing the right things, bringing a fresh perspective to a problem and delivering output that is inspirational ...... transformational thought leadership.

John Humpish, Chief Marketing Officer, Zurich Financial Services