INSIDE EDGE is a research & consulting firm that specialises in developing and turning market insight into profitable advantage.

We create inspirational breakthroughs for our clients through our unique capability of gathering and turning market research analytics into confident direction - AND providing the success principles that ensure the direction taken leads to sustainable market success. We come at this with a fresh approach - one that blends the analytical discipline of a smart management consultancy with the technical robustness of market research, the creativity of an innovation agency and the art of change management.

OUR experience

We have been helping commercial leaders achieve substantially improved results for more than 25 years. Our experience of creating serious competitive advantage extends across a diverse range of industry sectors in 42 countries.

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Michael Ballard

"Penetrating. And you challenge and do a lot of provocative stimulation …you have a good, questioning mind that gets under the skin of issues … how to step aside from the constructs and the paradigms and the data and the self-perpetuated beliefs.”

Mark Waller, SVP Sales & Marketing DIAGEO North America

Managing Partner

Michael Ballard

Michael’s background is in international strategic marketing, research, product and service development. His story is driven by a desire to be recognised for helping teams discover new abilities to solve their commercial problems, thereby bridge the gap between business as usual and enduring success.

It was during a 10 year period working at Mars that he first discovered how hard it can be for even the most customer centred companies to deliver on the things that really matter in their markets, and was an instrumental force in the transformation of pet products to the quality and wide selection available to pet owners today.

Since then he has spent 5 years working in USA as Marketing Director for Diageo, at the forefront of the battle to successfully re-establish spirits as a drink of choice to the American consumer and, more recently as Global Product and Service Director at Aegis Group plc, he has been a leading force in the development of Carat as the world’s largest independent media company, also the expansion of the group into communications planning and market research, including the creation of the Vizeum and Synovate global brands.

Personally, Michael is a big fan of travelling to exotic countries and getting off the beaten path. He is really proud of his children, and loves post- and math-rock music, cycling, walking and cooking. He especially enjoys discussions on the sources of societal attitudinal norms and beliefs, the essentials and excesses in today’s life, spiritual development and detecting the incongruencies between what people say and what they really believe. He is involved in activities and fund-raising for the homeless and cancer research.


Jean Wong

“You have to try to get people to buy into a project in a way that they are excited about. You have to get people to be enthusiastic about change. And you know, not everyone can do that ... that’s exactly the role that you played and I don’t think we could have built the business without you."

David Verklin, CEO, Carat North America

Managing Partner

Jean Wong

Jean draws on a career in brand development, strategic market research and change management in the two largest marketing services groups in the world, Aegis Group and WPP.

With over 20 years experience in working with blue-chip clients in more than 40 countries, she has a proven track record in developing successful international brands, inspiring and driving successful change in large multinationals. She is particularly skilled in leading people through a journey of personal discovery and insight, uniting hearts and transforming thinking at all levels of management.

Prior to setting up INSIDE EDGE, Jean led product and service development at Carat and Synovate (now part of Ipsos) and pioneered a number of innovative brand development tools and research methodologies which were instrumental in the development of both companies internationally.

Jean is motivated by her ambition to be an inspiration that cuts through confusion and challenges; to use her blend of expertise in psychology, marketing analytics and communication to drive better decisions by helping people to see things clearly. 

Jean's a proud mother of 2, loves inventing innovative home-cooked Far Eastern recipes, yoga, spinning, trail running, street photography and Sanskrit chants. A devout meditator of over 10 years, a daily practice which she loves to share as it has become a key personal source of insight, inspiration and inner peace.