Pragmatically Inspirational

“Your work was instrumental not only in understanding investors in our key markets, but also developing more effective strategy, communications and products to address their needs. Outstanding, business related solutions that people believed in. Better than McKinsey. More practical. More engaging. More real.”
Kimberly Hurd, World Gold Council
“You brought a huge degree of personal integrity. Your ability to make it pragmatically straightforward rather than complicate was a huge asset ...... hugely inspirational. ”
Nick Fell, SAB Miller



“Outstanding thought leadership. There’s a real focus on doing the right things, bringing a fresh perspective to a problem and delivering output that is inspirational and practical…to get things done, get things executed, get things moving."
John Humpish, Zurich Financial Services 

“Penetrating. Leading the thinking. You challenge the status quo and do a lot of provocative stimulation… And you have good, questioning minds that get under the skin of issues … How to step aside from the constructs and the paradigms and the data and the self-perpetuated beliefs.”
Mark Waller, Diageo 

“You stimulated our thinking, and I believe have discovered something which could impact the overall category and we could not have seen on our own.” 
Denise Dewar, GlaxoSmithKline



“No nonsense, straightforward, systematic. Not disguised by a whole lot of psychobabble and mumbo jumbo. Being able to distil really the non-solid mass of data down into a direction … and the part that was really good was the intellectual integrity of the analysis that was shaped into a direction which was then turned into a marketable proposition within the business.” 
Dick Inwood, Mars Petcare

“Consummate professionals who consistently over-deliver in terms of quality and service. Sensitive to internal politics and communicate persuasively to key stakeholders, with an upbeat and positive attitude. Their success is in ensuring their clients’ success and I could not recommend them more highly.”
Mark Boddy, Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim



“A very rare breed, balancing analytic and creative thinking but applying this to solving thorny 'real life' business problems. Superb at running complex projects across disparate stakeholders and building a cross-functional team direction and ethos in a way that people feel excited about. You instilled a much needed 'real growth mindset' at the heart of the business.” 
Rob Rees, Dairy Crest 

“Making it a reality, making the team work together, getting things done, consistently, a sense of togetherness so that the entire company holds the same vision which all goes to produce outstanding work and kept the company ahead.”
Moorthy PV, Carat Asia Pacific