The owner of a 130 year old UK family favourite, was under increasing pressure for shelf space and range allocation, some lines having been delisted. The team wanted to engage retail buyers in the opportunities available to develop the category; in the process determine guidelines for optimum brand range and layout.

From the beginning it was clear that retailers had different expectations and requirements from the category, even quite separate perspectives of what was included and excluded. Also that team members held a fairly restrictive, narrow definition of their market, this placed  significant limitation on their beliefs about future potential and growth opportunities.

The opportunity was to look at the demand landscape more broadly, and by diving deeply into the shopping and consumption psychology underlying choices, we identified real competitive sets – including much of surprise to the team – creatively yielding a more lucrative platform on which the brand could compete, enabling the customer marketing team to communicate a truly engaging vision of the future to retailers and a genuine rationale for category expansion at point of sale.