The Russian business of this global specialist food company was struggling to build its business. The company had come later to the country than other, far bigger competitors. In fact the go to market proposition that the company employed to great effect in other markets had already been largely usurped by competitors, its 3rd party distribution strategy was failing to penetrate geography or channel as effectively had been anticipated.

At the time we were assigned, the company had already taken over more direct control of distribution, but needed direction for their expansion efforts.

The essential premise being to get the team somewhat ‘back to basics’, to truly focus their efforts on the most profitable opportunities by adopting something of a ‘guerilla mindset’, to embrace the dynamics of performance in the context of the limited resources they had available, to play to their natural strengths, build a reputation amongst both consumers and customers, encourage word of mouth and referral.

So as to attract new consumers, the team needed a robust diagnosis of untapped demand and open target groups; the drivers of demand, how these mapped in terms of customer segments, the profit potential of each segment and key characteristics, the building of target ‘personas’ with whom the team could effectively relate. We drew the link between customer segment and shopping behaviour, to enable our client to successfully drive business at retail.