A new European management team in a highly successful pet food business wanted to build a united sales and marketing team across the region. A team that spoke a common language and could share understanding of the drivers of demand, where inefficient practices could be eliminated and resources increasingly focussed on levers with greatest impact.

We designed a research and planning programme built from a number of steps, specifically to incrementally create a single view amongst the team across the region, rather than overwhelm with many principles at once.

At first the emphasis was on aligning beliefs around how to tap into primary category demand, the forces and factors that shape this, the role of various brands and products in the portfolio and how these could be best deployed depending on market conditions. Subsequently, we successfully linked this knowledge with the different retail environments, identifying through this process a consistent framework for channel marketing, the effectiveness of each of the sales and marketing levers in each retail environment.

So as to maximise the benefit from this initiative we went on to design country planning protocols, to help local teams act decisively and to best effect in their country or sub-region. And further helped the client apply their knowledge and new experience to strategic initiatives including innovation and brand development.