Commercial Context

  • Frontline as brand leader parasite treatment for pets. Brand under pressure from major competitors (Bayer, Pfizer) as well as facing reduced levels of endorsement from vets, a critical driver of pet owner behaviour.

  • UK management held the ambition to expand the business by upgrading and extending the product portfolio. And distributing the brand in retail channels (supermarkets, online… ) for the first time.


Capability Development Requirements

  • How to position the products in the portfolio to maximise demand?

  • How to assess potential returns, risks and opportunities of the new strategy?

  • How to build a robust business case and execution plan?

  • How to develop effective go-to-market plans by channel?

  • How to build an effective story for existing customers (vets, pet stores..) and new customers (Tesco, Asda…)?


What We Delivered

  • A financial model of potential returns by product and channel

  • Positioning territories to maximise portfolio separation by product

  • Metrics and rationale to support internal business case and communications with retailers

  • Presentations, decision tools, consumer films and workshops within Merial to gain internal commitment and develop execution plans

  • Insights on the consumer challenges requiring focus so as to drive future growth

  • Key metrics to assess success of new strategy and upgrade current tracking measurements

  • Briefs to direct the packaging, TV advertising, PR and digital media


Triggering Additional Sales Value of  £40m