A large US research and consultancy practice critically needed to review their operations, some recent client defections and grumbles were a cause for concern, staff morale was not what it once was. There was a need to lock down customer service and quality standards, to rekindle a spirit of client centredness. A desire to get their staff generating more and new business, to be out of the office, engaging, networking and connecting with prospects and clients.

We suggested they examine as a team their whole service delivery process, from end to end. To do this not just as a management team, but with their top 60 managers so as to seize the opportunity to generate renewed motivation for success throughout the practice.

The proposition we advocated was for these managers to take the time put themselves in their client’s shoes, to judge what they were delivering based on a review of how clients experienced them. As a result to identify opportunities to improve.

Together we dissected the service into the main, core business generating activities, including prospecting, pitching, fulfillment, after sales and so forth. We injected client needs and experiences at each stage and worked with the team using real life case studies that people had prepared in advance, to unpick what went well and what needed to be improved at each stage. 5 main activity programmes resulted, a set of actions to drive improvements in how people work and deliver the service.