The marketing team inside a global insurer wanted to develop business at the point at which a new car was being bought at a car dealer. A segment of insurance demand that the business had never successfully tapped.

The opportunity emerged to pitch for ‘preferred supplier’ status with Daimler, the question for the pitch team was how to win the day by presenting a differentiated position. To go beyond the obvious hygiene factors and uncompetitive claims related to global coverage, world class IT systems and such like.

We developed the business case based on ‘joining up the dots of demand’. By understanding the various decision-making criteria, the inflexion points and associated needs and behavioural drivers - from staff at the motor manufacturer head office and working through the distribution chain to the car buyer - we helped the team create an industry leading financial and customer proposition. Brought to life through a pitch communication which served to excite and convince the Daimler panel.