Our client, a Far Eastern division of a large multinational, was running a consumer feedback system, although dared to admit that they could never really see the value, principally because their focus was on building effective distribution for which they already had a separate monitor. The consumer feedback system had been imposed on them as ‘best practice’ by an enterprising central HQ, along with the key metrics (purchase behaviours, attitudinal criteria, communication messaging….) that needed to be sent through periodically to head office.

The truth lay somewhere in between, in the sense that there was value to be found in both programmes. We helped the team reach the understanding that the greatest value lay in integration and development of one system, with the purpose of measuring performance and opportunities from the mind of the consumer through to shoppers and retailers. Developed with a set of consistent metrics throughout, and the forums put in place whereby cross-functional teams could better establish effectiveness and plan new activities by looking through a single lens.