You get results

  • Ignited 10% brand growth at point of sale by optimising assortment & store placement
  • Discovered 6 new €20m+ product and service opportunities
  • Sparked 10 share points in just 18 months for a leading European grocery brand
  • Unlocked 15% more profit in a drinks portfolio through differential line pricing
  • Tapped into a €100m annual revenue opportunity in automotive after sales market

What people say about us

You stimulated our thinking, and I believe have discovered something which could impact the overall category.

Denise Dewar, Commercial Director, GlaxoSmithKline

What makes us different?



  • You get the whole story, the reasons why underpinning the what (is happening), the issues, opportunities and implications add up, make sense and guide future direction.
  • You get models and frameworks so people can engage with the deeper thoughts that arise.
  • You get a collaborative, creative and insightful experience so people are inspired and commit to what really needs to be done.



  • You get a fresh perspective of your market which puts the spotlight on growth opportunities with the best ROI.
  • Your market impact can be predicted and validated so you can allocate resources with maximum effect.
  • You get professional facilitation and support in delivering truly compelling businesses cases.



  • You get demand-driven principles and guidelines that build enduring market know-how and understanding beyond the scope of the immediate project.
  • You get synthesis and critical thinking that answers the so-what and puts the focus on the real commercial challenges.
  • Your ideas and options can be monetised so you can assess and demonstrate potential returns.