You get results

  • Ignited 10% brand growth at point of sale by optimising assortment & store placement
  • Discovered 6 new €20m+ product and service opportunities
  • Sparked 10 share points in just 18 months for a leading European grocery brand
  • Unlocked 15% more profit in a drinks portfolio through differential line pricing
  • Tapped into a €100m annual revenue opportunity in automotive after sales market

What people say about us

You stimulated our thinking, and I believe have discovered something which could impact the overall category.

Denise Dewar, Commercial Director, GlaxoSmithKline

What makes us different?



We bring order
to shape the thinking.

  • Often, people can’t change because
    they simply don’t know how to.

  • We put a focus on building understanding
    and providing key principles, not just give
    facts and figures. By drawing meaning
    behind the numbers, 
    explaining WHY
    things work or 
    don’t work and
    HOW they work.

  • Because when people understand
    how things work, they become better
    at judging what will work
    and be more able to come up with
    new and improved solutions.

  • Our proprietary consumer research tool,
    has the capability to arm people with
    the key insights that are needed
    to shape the thinking and
    fuel better strategic capabilities.




To Influence How People Feel.

Sometimes, people don’t change
because they feel they know better.

  • Our evidence-based approach systematically
    assesses risk and opportunity to inject the
    logic, rationales and ROI accountability
    necessary to build confidence
    and motivate a change in perspectives.

  • Because when the story adds up
    and makes sense, people will
    believe you know better.



To Align What People DO.

  • At times, people can see things
    differently or have a different focus.

    Our maps, mental models, decision-making
    frameworks, planning templates and
    workshops inspire common purpose,
    establish an internal language and
    instill a culture of excellence.

  • Because when everyone see things
    in the same way, fragmented teams will
    pull together in the same direction and
    actions become aligned.