“You stimulated our thinking, and I believe have discovered something which could impact the overall category and we could not have seen on our own.”  GlaxoSmithKline

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  • Ignited 10% brand growth at point of sale by optimising assortment & store placement
  • Discovered 6 new €20m+ product and service opportunities
  • Sparked 10 share points in just 18 months for a leading European grocery brand
  • Unlocked 15% more profit in a drinks portfolio through differential line pricing
  • Tapped into a €100m annual revenue opportunity in automotive after sales market
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I came to realize that the Number 1 task for an effective commercial leader is to develop the capabilities of the team. Your ability to make it pragmatically straightforward rather than complicate was a huge asset ... hugely inspirational.   Diageo

A little about us

If you are like most enterprising business leaders, you will recognize how difficult it is to achieve consistently better results in times of unpredictable change and ever-increasing competition. Because simply doing things better than before will no longer guarantee that you'll win in today’s competitive and complex markets.

You need to be smarter. And you need to raise the game in your business and in your markets to make great market results more certain.

INSIDE EDGE is an Research & Strategic Capabilities Development Consultancy, specialised in using consumer insight to develop the commercial capabilities needed to win in competitive markets. In a way that develops the thinking to drive market share and innovate, and not just doing things better, faster, cheaper than before.

Our clients are typically business leaders in large companies who have come to realize that they can only win through people who understand the market dynamics well enough. 

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