Our service is built on the foundation of our key learnings from working with numerous commercial teams across the world.

  • That to win in today’s competitive and consumer-driven markets, you need to be, not just better, faster, cheaper than before, but better than competitors.

  • That often, the barriers to growth are actually internal (silo thinking, fragmented teams, disjointed actions, narrow perspectives, false assumptions and beliefs), and improving performance to drive growth depends on unlocking this. Which means that, in order to improve performance, you need to first and foremost, impact how people think, and not just establish best practices and ways of working.

  • That the challenge in lifting the thinking goes beyond sourcing the right market facts and insights; as improving performance depends on the extent to which people LEARN from the evidence they have to see for themselves what they could be doing differently. And aligning mindsets with external perspectives can initiate a profound shift in how people see, think and act.


The 'Winning Capabilities' Programme

Our 'Winning Capabilities' Programme is a customised capability development programme that develops the thinking that commercial teams need to win in competitive markets.

The programme is typically used by commercial teams who are finding it tough to achieve better results because they are struggling to win in today’s competitive and complex markets.

The programme transforms commercial teams into powerful category thought leaders, people who have the powers and practical skills to win in competitive markets:

  • The INSPIRATION to overcome self-limitations, generate winning ideas and solutions to problems

  • The JUDGEMENT to distinguish between what will work and what won’t, and make evidence-based decisions

  • The INGENUITY to turn ideas into winning solutions, to plan, justify and lead effective execution

  • The ENDURANCE to keep winning in dynamic markets and targeting the best returns


How We Work

Our programmes are delivered via a systematic approach to incrementally build people’s skills and capabilities. The programmes are specifically designed to inform the commercial challenges and needs at hand, and are built from tried and tested principles as to how people learn most effectively. Our approach is rigorous, deliberate and disciplined in the way we go about things.

We bring to these programmes our specialist skills in insight development, strategic planning, consumer behavioural psychology, market research and modelling. Powered by our proprietary consumer research-based engine, the INSIDE EDGE Profit Search Engine PSE©, that provides deep consumer understanding, mental models and decision-making frameworks, to empower people to make smarter decisions and take winning actions.

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