Penetrating Insight - A Whole-Hearted Approach That Makes A Real Difference

There’s a perennial cry for penetrating insight and yet, by and large, what are claimed as insights seem to be really nothing more than market research findings. Even though it’s become fashionable to make research findings more interesting and appealing by being told as a story, or accompanied by music, film and such like, it remains the case that many ‘insights’ do not make any real difference in driving decisions in how a business change or grow. How do you get insights that can truly inspire innovative thinking and instil the intuition for making the right decisions, doing the right things?

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Beyond Insight - A Next Frontier

Is your market research department maximising their return on the business investment? How many research or analytic project outputs do you know of that get remembered some time after the fact, or are ever referred to again once they have been completed?   Less than 1 in 5, according to recent evidence on the subject.

It would seem that many organisations are making huge investments in very incident-specific exploration, testing or evaluation. Work with a limited shelf-life, fails to go beyond the confines of the investigation at hand and becomes readily forgotten. Questions are raised, objectives set, project is designed and implemented, findings are delivered. Job done.

That is until the same questions come up again.

How do you maximise the learning and get a better return on your investment in market research?

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