Beyond Insight - A Next Frontier

Is your market research department maximising their return on the business investment? How many research or analytic project outputs do you know of that get remembered some time after the fact, or are ever referred to again once they have been completed?   Less than 1 in 5, according to recent evidence on the subject.

It would seem that many organisations are making huge investments in very incident-specific exploration, testing or evaluation. Work with a limited shelf-life, fails to go beyond the confines of the investigation at hand and becomes readily forgotten. Questions are raised, objectives set, project is designed and implemented, findings are delivered. Job done.

That is until the same questions come up again.

We would like to sow the seed of aspiration for people involved to strive to leave a legacy of ‘informed gut feelings’ through their work. By this, we envisage a working environment where significantly faster decision-making and higher quality of actions become the norm because people INSTINCTIVELY KNOW what will work.  Because they have a set of common beliefs and principles to work from.

We don’t claim it as an especially new thought, rather a forgotten one, with all the talk these days being about uncovering insights.


Research is initiated for many reasons but even the most knee-jerk, tactical study can be designed and conducted in a way that yields lasting value. If you start out with the ambition that every insight, market research or data analytics project should output key PRINCIPLES, guidelines and enduring know-how, you will not only address immediate challenges and information requirements but can also build a more intelligent organisation. One armed with intellectual capital that, in all likelihood, your competitors don’t have.

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