....... a very rare breed, balancing analytic and creative thinking and applying this to solve thorny 'real-life' business problems. Superb at running complex projects across disparate stakeholders and building cross-functional team ethos. Puts a much-needed ‘real growth mindset’ at the heart of the business.”
Rob Rees, Marketing & Commercial Director

GAINHEARTS© is a consumer research product that helps commercial leaders to create the silver bullet and thought leadership to win in business relationships.

This product is typically used when commercial leaders are faced with developing an effective pitch or business case, and want to determine and demonstrate the benefits of the new initiative from a consumer demand perspective.


This product enables you to develop a convincing explanatory story in a way that makes sense and adds up. It includes the following market insights:

  • Insight into consumer expectations and wants, so that you can explain the commercial rationale in terms of the benefits consumers are looking for. 

  • A critical examination of the problems/frustrations/dissatisfactions that consumers experience so that you can provide an argument of the market gap you are filling.

  • Customer and non-customers vox pops, so people can get a real sense of the opportunity over and above the financial numbers.


Structure of the GAINHEARTS© product:

  1. GAINHEARTS© typically starts with a skeleton story for the pitch or business case, and this provides a valuable focus for the communication and an effective platform for identifying gaps where content is needed.

  1. We create a brief, design and execute new consumer research as needed , including consideration of any very specific sampling requirements.  Typically this step takes 4 to 6 weeks, depending on scale and complexity

  2. We synthesise the research into decision-making tools, thinking models, maps and frameworks so as to create order, embed the understanding and simplify integration into the communication.

  3. We create a story-telling film to support the communication so people can better engage with the thought leadership, gain a real sense of the opportunity over and above the financial numbers

  4. We help integrate the outputs of GAINHEARTS© into your pitch/business case as needed.

  5. And we agree in advance how best to guarantee your satisfaction on critical aspects of the project.



If you would like to find out more about GAINHEARTS© and how it can help you raise the game, we would be delighted to arrange a Discovery Session with you. Where you get the opportunity to find out more about us, our programmes and tools, and how we can help you drive better results.