“Penetrating. And you challenge and do a lot of provocative stimulation …… You have good, questioning minds that gets under the skin of issues … How to step aside from the constructs and the paradigms and the data and the self-perpetuated beliefs.”  Mark Waller, Executive Vice-President, Diageo

MINDSHIFT© is an evidence-based workshop, or programme of workshops, that helps commercial teams to see opportunities to improve so that they realise the need to raise the game and share ideas about what can be done differently to drive better market results.

This programme is typically used when commercial leaders want to upgrade what is being done, but are faced with all-round uncertainty, perhaps conflicting views about priorities or business-as-usual.


At the end of this programme you will have:

  • Market perspectives, consumer insights and competitive intelligence of why change is needed, so as to instil a level of dissatisfaction with the status quo and gain agreement to the need to raise the game

  • A consolidation of everyone’s issues and points of view, so as to identify the areas of likely resistance and internal barriers that need to be overcome

  • Personal and group SWOTS, so as to provide a market as well as internal context for agreeing required improvements

  • A list of actions which reflect agreed new efforts

  • Assigned responsibilities and formed new workgroups, as needed

  • A ‘news brochure’ that outlines the agreed way forward and the reasons underpinning the improvements for informing the business


Structure of the MINDSHIFT workshops:

  1. We design each workshop, or series of workshops, customised to your needs and desired outcomes.

  2. Content will be proposed and recommended to reach the desired outcomes. This is most typically structured around a 4 step ‘learning to activate’ approach which incrementally develops the capability of the group to apply new understanding and evidence to create a list of actions and an agreed way forward:

  3. Collecting and sharing facts and points of view to raise the intelligence of the group (eg via synthesis of existing market data, new consumer research, internal stakeholder questionnaires….),

  4. Personal experience and experimentation to help people see the market reality and develop personal dissatisfaction with the status quo (eg via case studies, consumer interaction, site/retail visits, VoxPops/film…),

  5. Group reflection and confrontation so people surface myths and limiting assumptions, better understand one another, see that change is both necessary and desirable (eg via structured facilitation of the entire group’s discussion,  group exercises..)

  6. Sharing ideas and developing action plans so people rally around a common cause and cross the threshold from business as usual ( eg  via planning and decision-making templates, sub-team exercises, idea generation activities..)

  7. We prefer to include a phase of non-work downtime in each workshop, usually an evening and overnight, as this encourages more informal interaction of the group, creates time and space for people to exchange ideas and develop their thoughts

  8. We agree with you a project identity, including name, so it can be seen as new initiative, not business as usual.

  9. Workshops can be held on- or off-site, we can arrange locations, accommodation etc. as needed.

  10. We leave you with a consolidated report of the entire experience, including both inputs and outputs, and together with key issues, implications and next steps

  11. Behind the scenes we bring together trusted associates to create teams of additional expertise, as needed - most frequently in the areas of graphic design, survey fieldwork, statistical modelling & advanced data analytics.

  12. And we agree in advance how best to guarantee your satisfaction on critical aspects of the project.



If you would like to find out more about MINDSHIFT© and how it can help you raise the game, we would be delighted to arrange a Discovery Session with you. Where you get the opportunity to find out more about us, our programmes and tools, and how we can help you drive better results.