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Chief Marketing Officer, Zurich Financial Services

GAMECHANGER© is a consumer research product that helps commercial teams to understand the demand potential and critical implementation success factors in order to manage commercial risks and exploit the new opportunity.

This product is typically used when commercial teams are looking to introduce a new strategic initiative to the business and the market but, because of the commercial risks at stake, are struggling to lead effective implementation and get everyone focused on doing things right to compete profitably in their markets.


Key Deliverables of GAMECHANGER© include:

  • An assessment of the size of the opportunity in terms of Demand Potential (change in number of buyers, volume, value) so you can justify the new strategy based on the expected changes in consumer behaviour.

  • A model of switching dynamics so you can develop implementation strategies that minimise cannibalisation of existing business and draw business from competitors.

  • A set of implementation golden rules and principles in terms of sales and marketing levers so you can get everyone doing what is needed to ensure the success of the new strategy.

  • An evaluation of the potential of alternative strategies or initiatives under consideration, where these are under consideration, so you can decide on the best choice.



If you would like to find out more about GAMECHANGER© and how it can help you raise the game, we would be delighted to arrange a Discovery Session with you. Where you get the opportunity to find out more about us, our programmes and tools, and how we can help you drive better results.