“You brought a huge degree of personal integrity. Your ability to make it pragmatically straightforward rather than complicate was a huge asset ...... hugely inspirational. ”

Nick Fell, SABMiller

GAMEPLAN© is a customised insight and capability development programme that helps commercial teams to determine effective distribution and retailing strategies to grow brand penetration and market share.

This programme is typically used when commercial teams are looking to increase brand share, but don't know how best to impact buying behaviour.

Through this programme, people will gain:

  • More clarity about the role of different retailing environments in terms of what shoppers buy where and why, the drivers of choice of retail environment, so they can determine how best to tailor their go-to-market strategies and distribution priorities to best meet consumer needs.

  • Deeper understanding of the consumer decision-making and the drivers of trial, repeat buying and switching by retail environment, so they will be able to come up with new ideas and activities to differentiate and innovate go-to-market strategies in a way that are more likely to impact shopping behaviour and drive retail sales.

  • An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their value proposition vs competitors in driving penetration by channel.

  • The market-based facts and evidence so they can be more confident to provide thought leadership expertise to retail partners, recommend and justify necessary improvements and changes.

  • An internal shopper-led language so best practices can be shared.


The GAMEPLAN© programme works as follows:

  1. We work with our clients typically from three to six months.

  2. You will have access to our Practice Partners throughout the programme, we don't delegate to juniors.

  3. We agree with you a project identity, including name, so it can be communicated effectively within the business.

  4. We design and execute new shopper research by channel, including consideration of any very specific sampling requirements. At this stage we conduct our own preliminary investigations, including shopping trips and observation, so as to inform the best research design and questioning. And we pilot-test the methodology and measurement instruments.

  5. Before the work is shared with a wider audience, we include an explicit and collaborative step to drill into the collected data and information, make sure it covers everything that’s needed and together build the story for communication with other stakeholders.

  6. We synthesise the research into decision-making tools, thinking models, maps and frameworks so as to create order, embed the understanding and simplify communication and sharing of information around the business.

  7. We produce principles and know-how for guiding implementation and best execution.

  8. We create films and personal experiences so people get to walk in the customers shoes, can see for themselves the consumer realities.

  9. We design and facilitate engagement and decision-making workshops.

  10. Behind the scenes we bring together trusted associates to create teams of additional expertise, as needed - most frequently in the areas of graphic design, advertising & communications, survey fieldwork, statistical modelling & advanced data analytics.

  11. And we agree in advance how best to guarantee your satisfaction on critical aspects of the project.



If you would like to find out more about GAMEPLAN© and how it can help you raise the game, we would be delighted to arrange a Discovery Session with you. Where you get the opportunity to find out more about us, our programmes and tools, and how we can help you drive better results.